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Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, has urged the Lagos State Government and Federal Government to conduct a thorough investigation of the Sunday explosion in the Abule Ado area of Lagos State to determine what really happened.

The OPC leader who is also the immediate past chairman of the community development association of the affected area visited the scene to inspect the level of damage in the area on Monday.

Adams while addressing journalists said the explosion is beyond pipeline accident, describing the level of damage as a “collateral and devastating loss, which is similar to that of Syria and Iraq.

In his words, “I have a house here and I lived here for 15 years before I left for Omole Phase 11. What happened here is serious collateral damages, it’s devastating.

“What happened here we can compare it to what happened in Syria or Iraq,” he said.

“The governor of the state has been here this morning (Monday) and he has done the right thing by moving the sum of 2billion naira to compensate those who are victims. But I will appeal to the state government and federal government to do a thorough investigation of the incident in this area because I don’t believe it is from a pipeline explosion.

“I have lived here for 15 years, I have witnessed two episodes of that nature, it doesn’t shake the foundation of a house. The information at my disposal since yesterday was that when the blast came it affected Agbaara, from here to Agbaara, Surulere, and Badagry.

“So if anybody is trying to explain to us this is a pipeline explosion, you have to think twice before issuing that statement. I am suspecting something beyond that but the government has to give us the true information about what happened here,” he added.

Adams also sympathize with the victims of the accident and urged the government to give its citizens adequate information in case of future occurrences.

“The victims that died in this incident cannot be quantified. In the media yesterday, we read 15 but from this morning, it’s more than 50 and human life is precious. As a government, you have the right to protect life and property so you need to give us adequate information so that other areas can prepare in case something like that wants to reoccur.”

“I thank Lagos govt for responding quickly to the need of the people and giving them hope, although no amount can resolve what has happened here on Sunday, but for him coming here and even promised them that most of the damages will be taken care of. I think that’s the less hope we are still expecting.

“The most unfortunate part of it is that Elder Obi acting chairman of the landlord association died with his wife and two children and a lot of people were affected. This is unfortunate.”


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