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There have been many marriages that ended abruptly even with childre and so, the divorce of Nollywood actress Motilola from her husband with 2 kids will not be the first, as many celebrities in the industry have had one or two marriage situations that ended up in divorce.

The Actress, Motilola Adekunle commonly known as Motilola is a Yoruba actress, screenwriter, producer and she is one of the best Nollywood talent in the industry and certainly understands the profession very well. The Pretty actress is known to be married with children, but the story changed the face yesterday when Motilola took to her Instagram page to officially announce her divorce from her husband after many years of marriage and two daughters. Motilola make sure there’s no room for any false rumors surrounding her marriage as she boldly made it public. According to her, there were no problems, but the marriage did not go well. There was no anger involved, although it was difficult, it was just the best decision. Motilola said she and her husband had realized that they were better off breaking up and raising their children together.

Also In her post, the Nollywood Actress pleads for privacy and would appreciate, if there were no calls from anyone as she tried to take it all in. It is not easy, and I pray that God will be with the family during this difficult time.

Marriage is not always a bed of roses, there is always a problem or two that should be faced as husband and wife although there may be one problem that perhaps too many people face and it is best to leave. Maybe that’ s what the famous Yoruba actress Motilola Adekunle does.


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