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Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State on Wednesday said the Southwest leaders of the National Union of Road Transport Workers lacked information and understanding to comment on happenings in the state.

The governor also called on the leadership of the union to as a matter of genuine love for the Oyo state chapter of the union intervene and ensure all internal crises that led to the proscription by the government are amicably resolved.

According to a statement issued by the Press Secretary to the governor, Mr Taiwo Adisa, Governor Makinde was reacting to the seven-day ultimatum given the government to cancel the proscription on the union in the state.

The Southwest leaders also warned Makinde to cancel the appointment of a former factional leader, Mr Mukaila Lamidi, popularly known as auxiliary as the Chairman, Disciplinary Committee for the parks, adding that the union would begin a strike if the government fails to comply with its demands within seven days.

But reacting, Makinde said Auxiliary, as well as other individuals appointed to serve in the newly introduced Park Management System, got the appointment based on their individual merit and not as members of the proscribed NURTW.

He added that the new regime does not stop any individual in transport business from plying its trade in any of the parks owned by the local government in trust for the state government.

Stressing that Auxiliary’s appointment has nothing to do with the daily running and management of the parks across the state, Makinde said the government is aware that some individuals “are pushing some elements to cause crisis in Oyo state by whatever means.

“They should go and learn how to abide by the law because anybody who attempts to put Oyo state into crisis whether the long or short arm of the law will catch up with the person.”

“The simple thing to say is that, the commentators from the NURTW side got the story wrong and are interpreting it wrongly. They are saying that the State Government has appointed one of their own, their former union member as Park Manager, that is the person of Mr Lamidi Mukaila, aka Auxiliary, but that is not true, there is nothing like that.

“Mr Mukaila Lamidi, Auxilliary has not been appointed as a park manager in any way. He is not a Park Manager, but the Chairman of the disciplinary Committee.

“The job of the Disciplinary Committee is straight forward. If there is any controversy between or among the stakeholders, that is the Park managers and the state government or the Park Managers and the Ministry of Works, or the Park managers and the consultants, the consultants are the direct supervisors of the Park Managers.

“The commissioner for Works is also a direct supervisor of the park managers. The Disciplinary Committee is just standing on its own and when there are issues for disciplinary actions between or among the stakeholders. So, where there is no issue that calls for disciplinary actions, the Disciplinary Committee will just be standing on its own.

“The Disciplinary Committee is not involved in the day to day running of any park, so, there is no issues about the appointment of Mr Lamidi as a Park Manager, he is not a park Manager by any means and so they should not confuse the two things. That is just by the way.”

On the issue of ultimatum to government, he said “The ultimatum is no issue because Oyo state has no business with any ultimatum. Those people that spoke, are they stakeholders in Oyo state? Are they stakeholders in the running of affairs in Oyo state? If they have any issues with their own states they should take such to their Governors and the Governors of their various states. As far as we are concerned in Oyo state, NURTW is suspended in Oyo state”.


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