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Just as Nigerians keep gathering momentum towards the planned June 12 protest, the Inspector General of Police has ordered police officers throughout Nigeria to deal with anybody who threatens security in Nigeria.

The Inspector- General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, has ordered the Commissioner of Police in all the 36 States of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory to deal with anybody who tries to use the June 12 protest as an avenue to threaten the security of lives and properties.

The Inspector- General of Police made this statement during a meeting with members of the Nigerian police force in Abuja.

According to the Inspector General, the June 12 protest is a few days away, but the Nigerian police force is trying to make sure that the country witnesses an exercise that is free from any form of violence.

According to the Inspector General of Police, there is a need for police officers throughout the country to remain civil with any citizen who maintains law and order during the exercise.

However, the Inspector General of police has ordered police officers across the country to make sure that they don’ t hesitate to deal with anyone who attempts to break the laws of the land during the June 12 protest.

The Inspector- General of Police also admonished police officers who unlawfully impound people’ s vehicles and keep them at the police station.

He urged police Commissioners to make sure that they go back to their various localities and get rid of any vehicle which is being kept at different police stations across the country.

The IGP said that he will make sure that his directive is obeyed by all the police commands in the country.

He said that he will initiate a tour across all the police commands of the federation.

The Inspector- General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, said that if he finds out that any police station refuses to get rid of all the impounded vehicles which are being kept in the premises of the police station, such police station will be dealt with.


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