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A cattle breeders association called The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, has said that it is going spiritual against those opposing continued of open grazing in Nigeria.

It said, it will invoke the wrath of God against anybody planning that on them.

The spokesperson for the group, Saleh Al-hassan, stated this during a chat with media on Tuesday, noting that the association was also interested in legal and political solutions to the matter.

He said, “First, we’ll take legal action; secondly, we’ll seek a political solution and then spiritual. We will invoke the wrath of God on those opposing the open grazing law,” Alhassan said.

As it was also reports, Al-hassan wondered why there was still violence in the South-East after herders had, according to him, has left the region.

“That nonsense you see in the South-East is a manifestation of frustration, they will continue burning their cities, killing themselves.

“Now that the herders are not there, they are still killing themselves. Sometimes they wear Fulani attires to continue to commit heinous crimes.

Now that the herders are not there, are they having peace in the East?

“Those Biafrans are shooting and killing their animals. Those making noise in the media are cattle traders. They will not go anywhere. The cows you see there now belong to the Igbo,” he was quoted as saying.


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